Interior Design

Interior Design

Major: 3125


Total credits required: 

Award Type: AAS

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Interior Design program is designed to prepare students to work in an entry-level interior design position. The program is designed to provide both general education and interior design classes, including basic design, color theory and application, architectural and furniture history, drafting for interior design, space planning, interior materials, rendering, business procedures, and professional practices. Studio projects allow students to identify, research, solve, and present residential design problems. An integral part of the program is a design internship, which provides on-the-job experience under the supervision of a professional interior designer, and development of a portfolio.

Program notes: 

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.

ARC121Introduction to Architectural Drafting: Manual (3) OR
INT100Interior Design Drafting (3) 3
INT105Introduction to Interior Design 3
INT115Historical Architecture and Furniture 3
INT120Modern Architecture and Furniture 3
INT140Introduction to CAD for Interior Design 3
INT145Drawing and Rendering 3
INT150Color and Design 3
INT160Fabrics for Interiors 3
INT170Interior Materials 3
INT175Custom Design 3
INT190Space Planning 3
INT215Professional Practices 3
INT240Kitchen and Bath Design 3
INT268Lighting Design 3
INT285Design Portfolio Development 1
Students are required to complete a total of three (3) credits from the following courses:
INT271AAInterior Design Internship (1) AND
INT271ABInterior Design Internship (2) OR
INT271ACInterior Design Internship (3) 3
General Education
General Education RequirementCredits 19-22
General Education CoreCredits 12-15
First-Year CompositionCredits 6
Any approved general education courses from the First-Year Composition area
Oral CommunicationCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Oral Communication area
Critical ReadingCredits 0-3
Any approved general education course from the Critical Reading area OR
Equivalent as indicated by assessment.
MathematicsCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Mathematics area
General Education DistributionCredits 7
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits 0
Met by INT115 and INT120, in Required Courses area.
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits 3
PSY101Introduction to Psychology 3
Natural SciencesCredits 4
Any approved general education course from the Natural Sciences area 4
  1. Read, design, and draft blueprints for buildings or for remodeling all or parts of residential structures. (ARC121, INT100, INT140)
  2. Develop professional graphic presentations skills. (ARC121, INT100, INT145)
  3. Select color schemes and materials applicable to any situation presented by a client. (INT105, INT150, INT170, INT175, INT190, INT240)
  4. Analyze and design interior spaces using the elements and principles of design. (INT105, INT175, INT190, INT240)
  5. Select and recommend accessory items needed to complete an interior. (INT105, INT175, INT190, INT240)
  6. Plan room spaces and furniture placements to satisfy the needs of the client. (INT105, INT190)
  7. Select and coordinate furniture styles and surroundings appropriate to the client's needs. (INT105, INT190, INT240)
  8. Identify period styles of interior architecture and historic furniture. (INT115)
  9. Identify modern architectural and furniture designs. (INT120)
  10. Use computer-aided drafting (CAD) techniques for construction drawings. (INT140, INT240)
  11. Estimate and specify finish materials such as floor coverings, wall coverings, window treatments, upholstery, etc. (INT160, INT170, INT175)
  12. Evaluate merchandise pricing structures. (INT170, INT215)
  13. Select appropriate materials and provide documentation for custom design solutions using those materials. (INT175)
  14. Develop skills in interviewing clients, analyzing and designing for specific needs, and making presentations of design solutions. (INT190, INT215, INT240)
  15. Communicate through writing memos, forms, reports, and business letters. (INT215)
  16. Write, follow, and implement contracts necessary for various facets of interior design and related areas. (INT215)
  17. Design efficient kitchens and bathrooms. (INT240)
  18. Provide and document efficient ambient and task lighting for interior environments. (INT268)
  19. Use professional ethics and business procedures that are to be employed by an interior designer. (INT271AA, INT271AB, INT271AC)
  20. Apply professional relationships within the employment environment. (INT271AA, INT271AB, INT271AC)
  21. Develop appropriate promotional materials designed to secure employment in the interior design industry. (INT285)
Status: Yes

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